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Workshop: ACES 1.0 and Scene-Linear Workflow

AbelCine is leading an all-day New York workshop on Thursday, February 26th from 9:00 to 4:30 p.m. with an introduction to new industry data standard ACES.

As they explain, “For nearly 20 years, cinema production and post-production has been based upon the conceptual model of film acquisition: Even if digitally acquired, imagery was typically processed using the Cineon/DPX coding that incorporates the technical parameters of film; in particular, the S-shaped tone response and the colour crosstalk of film are built-into the image encoding. The CPD scheme has made CGI and VFX difficult. Digital cinema cameras are now commonplace. Some of them generate data comparable to HD video (BT.709/BT.1886), or are based upon HD video (Hypergamma). Others use “log” formats of various kinds (ARRI log C, Sony log, RED log, SI log90 ). DI houses and CGI/VFX facilities have to deal with image data in new forms. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has standardized a technique, ACES, to acquire and process “scene-linear” data – that is, image data closely coupled to scene exposure. Colour transforms imposed during the DI process create the desired “look” and systematically compensate for the viewing conditions of cinema. The ACES scheme has been released at version 1.0, and is being deployed commercially. In this workshop, Charles Poynton will discuss the technical and visual requirements for acquisition and processing using the ACES scene-linear model.”

Registration is $300. Read more and register here.