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Woody Allen and NYC Color Inspire the Look of ‘The Incredible Jessica James’

Sundance comedy The Incredible Jessica James tells the story of a New York City playwright (Jessica Williams) and her romantic mishaps.

Cinematographer Sean McElwee speaks to Filmmaker Magazine about the look of the film. “[Director Jim Strouse] and I discussed the films of Woody Allen a lot during prep – how his aesthetic always allowed the actors and the script to shine – and the camera never felt the need to be in the forefront of any scene,” he says. “Jim and I also talked a lot about color, and how we wanted this to be a colorful film, but have it come from an organic place. Especially concerning New York itself, we never wanted to create an idyllic version of the city. We wanted to show it for how it truly is. So by featuring the color that is already inherent to the city, we were able to make a ‘colorful’ movie but never stray from how New York really is as a city.”

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