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‘Wolf Hall’ Producer Finds the Historical Version of Walter White and Tony Soprano

Wolf Hall producer Colin Callender talks to Fast Company‘s Co.Create about creating the historical drama for BBC and PBS’ Masterpiece with a lead character akin to the morally ambiguous likes of Tony Soprano and Walter White.

He says, “The way the story is told, you don’t know how Cromwell is going to respond. It’s not about what happens in the ‘story’ next, but rather what he is going to say and what he is going to do. The appeal of Frank Underwood in House of Cards or Breaking Bad’s Walter White is about what he’s going to do next, how’s he going to react. I think that’s also true of Thomas Cromwell…The thing about characters like Tony Soprano, Walter White, and Thomas Cromwell is that they do things you and I would not do, they do go to places that we, mere mortals, constrained by the social rules that inform most of our behavior, do not go. They break those rules.”

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