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‘The Witch’ DP on Creating the Film’s Dread-Infused Look

The Witch cinematographer Jarin Blaschke talks to Indiewire about capturing the dark and gloomy look of the film.

“The look of the exteriors needed to be gloomy, but naturalistically gloomy,” says Blaschke. “[Director Robert Eggers] and I are big believers that you always go with the simplest and most truthful solution, which in this case meant we needed to shoot under overcast weather. If you shoot when it’s sunny and then try pressing your highlights down in post, it just looks phony and unacceptable for the atmosphere we needed. So we were juggling the schedule a lot to make that happen. If it was sunny in the morning and it looked like we’d have four or five hours of sun, we’d scramble to do an interior. That is why it was important that we have one essential interior that was near our exteriors.”