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Wirecast and Munzing Media Stream Maine High School Sports

Munzing Media is a home-based business in Gardiner, Maine. In recent years, we have evolved from streaming live high school sports using a rudimentary production setup to creating broadcast-quality multicamera HD webcasts with Telestream Wirecast. We now provide live streams of the hottest local high school games in the state via web sites run by The Portland Press Herald (Portland, Maine), Kennebec Journal (Augusta, Maine) and the Morning Sentinel (Waterville, Maine), three in-state newspapers published by Maine Today Media.

Wirecast has catapulted us to a higher level of HD production and streaming. More importantly, we’re able to put sponsor logos on scoreboards and roll commercials during our breaks. Considering the success of our Maine high school sports webcasts, there’s no doubt we’ve caught lightning in a bottle.

Wirecast makes it possible for people like us—with aspirations to play in the big leagues—to become broadcasters of high-quality HD sporting events. When viewers tell us our webcasts are on par with televised games they’ve seen, we’re very proud of that. And they’re grateful to be able to watch games they wouldn’t otherwise see on their TV, computer or mobile device. With growing interest from online fans and increasing sponsorship from advertisers comes the responsibility to deliver a flawless show every time, and that’s what Wirecast enables us to do.

Robert Munzing is owner of Munzing Media.