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Wim Wenders on the Power of 3D to Bring Out Performances

Wim Wenders talks to The Upcoming about his new film Every Thing Will Be Fine and why he feels 3D brought out more nuanced dramatic performances from his actors.

He says, “3D is a big challenge for actors because these cameras see and notice simply everything. Nothing escapes these eagle eyes. There are two of them and their attention is raised, as it were, to the power of two. Their sense of truth is acute! They notice everything you are ‘producing’ in front of them. The 3D camera forces the actor to be and not to play because it will mercilessly expose the slightest exaggeration. It was for this reason that I paid particular attention to the actors having a strong and natural presence on their own. James Franco is an extreme minimalist. Sometimes, it just needed a small hint from me for him to rein back his performance. Charlotte Gainsbourg just has the uncanny ability to turn into the part, and at the same time really be herself, with everything that she is, with her whole soul. And precisely for this reason she is Kate. And I cast Rachel McAdams because of that incredibly positive energy that she exudes in every role. During the shoot, I then encouraged them all not to show anything to the camera, but just to be. Every now and then, we repeated a scene to make the characters yet more authentic and ‘naked.'”

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