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Why Premiere Pro Looks and Behaves a Lot Like Apple Final Cut Pro 7

Editing guru Larry Jordan writes a post on why Apple Final Cut Pro 7 users might want to consider switching to Adobe Premiere Pro.

He writes, “From my point of view, Adobe has modeled recent versions of Premiere Pro after Final Cut Pro 7; extending it to run efficiently on today’s hardware. The big sea change occurred with CS6, when Premiere adopted FCP 7’s keyboard shortcuts, much of its nomenclature, its media handling and many of its features. This is not a bad thing. Final Cut Pro 5 – 7 had something like 2 million users, while Premiere Pro had only a fraction of that. If I were going to emulate something, I’d pick the biggest market I could find. In other words, Premiere Pro CC looks and operates very much like Final Cut Pro 7.”

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