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What We Know About the RED Weapon Upgrade

RedShark News rounds up all of the information available ahead of NAB Show about RED’s Dragon sensor update, the RED Weapon.

They write, “In somewhat of a preemptive strike, RED, through its popular user forums, has dripped out information about its upcoming camera, the RED Weapon Dragon. While there isn’t much information about the body’s internals, the camera will purportedly achieve improved performance from the Dragon sensor and there will be multiple Weapon bodies, according to RED CEO Jarred Land. The company typically takes a modular approach to its products, which will likley equate to one Weapon body capable of multiple configurations. However, Land also revealed that “the Weapon brain is actually almost half an inch shorter than the Epic brain, and when you add the modules there is no adapter needed and things get much more compact.” The prospect of a more compact camera that actually betters Epic’s Dragon performance is no doubt welcome news to RED users.”

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