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What ‘Manifesto’ Can Teach You About Powerful Filmmaking

Julian Rosefeldt’s art installation turned feature-length film Manifesto (premiering as the latter at Sundance), has been acclaimed for its unique premise and the tour de force performance by Cate Blanchett taking on 13 different character as she recites manifestos written by several writers/artists.

Filmmaker Magazine‘s Randy Astle points out four lessons filmmakers can pick up from the work, from production design to sound and more.

He writes, “Sometimes a strong theme like this will appear able to carry its own weight, but strong filmmaking is always necessary as well. Manifesto has as much quietly exploring cinematography, shot by DP Christoph Krauss, as it has spoken words, and the architectural environment of Berlin, where the films were shot, is as much a character as Blanchett.”

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