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What the Behind-the-Scenes Photos of a Taylor Swift Video Tells You About Jeff Cronenweth’s Shooting Style

Matt Workman of Cinematography Database beautifully breaks down Jeff Cronenweth’s stylistic and practical choices as a DP when he shot Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” music video.

He writes, “The majority of the wide shots in this music video are centered and symmetrical. This works for the concept and helps make Taylor’s awkward dancing stand out visually in contrast to the professional dancers. Medium close-ups are added to show Taylor’s facial expressions or to highlight a unique dance movement. The video is framed for 16:9 and there are some off-speed 30-48fps shots. Jeff Cronenweth shot with three Red Epic Dragon cameras in 6K HD with Leica Summilux prime lenses and Optimo 12x zoom lenses. This is also the same setup he shot Gone Girl with for David Fincher.”

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