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‘Wet Hot American Summer’: What Really Went on Behind the Scenes?

Variety‘s Julie Seabaugh presents an oral history of the Wet Hot American Summer franchise, which started as a feature film spoof 15 years ago and has returned now to Netflix as a series with many of the original cast and crew.

A brief sampler:

“[Director David] Wain: It became one of those things where there was a decent chunk of people who saw the movie and hated it with real hostility, and were like, “This is so, so unfunny.” A lot of those same people, when forced by someone to see it a second time, went from hating it to it becoming one of their favorite movies.”

“[Joe] Lo Truglio (Neil):  Truglio: As the stars of the movie started to break out into huge, successful careers, suddenly it became something bigger than it originally was.”

“[Janeane] Garofalo (Beth): The: I think [Wain and Showalter’s] hard work and continual support of the movie is what brought it back to life and what gave it its second life on DVD and with live screenings. Every time I would go to one of those things, I remember the crowds were bigger and bigger.”