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Werner Herzog’s ‘Lo and Behold’ Brings Credibility to Branded Content

Werner Herzog’s latest documentary Lo and Behold is already being acclaimed for bringing the director’s unique sensibilities and insights to life in today’s connected, digital world. Astoundingly, the film is also a piece of branded content, sponsored by internet security company Netscout.

“Ultimately, this is the equation: It needs to be worth the money to the client, and worth the time to the audience,” producer PJ Pereira of agency Pereira & O’Dell tells Adweek. “In most branded content so far, the agencies have been trying to please the brand, and that’s all. Now, the bar is higher. It also needs to be a good investment of time for the audience. Finding that balance is way more difficult. We need the artists to come in. And we need more credibility as artists ourselves, as agencies, as well.”

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