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‘Wedlock’ Engages Canon C300 for Fast, Filmic Production

As director Ross Partridge and cinematographer Doug Emmett planned their web series Wedlock, they envisioned a cinematic look with shallow depth of field. Emmett says they were able to achieve that look “with the combination of our three Canon EOS C300 cameras and Canon cinema lenses. The compact size and light weight of the EOS C300 enabled our operators to set the cameras up themselves and pull their own focus. It’s also very easy to change lenses, which meant that we weren’t wasting time as we moved from setup to setup.

“The built-in waveform monitors are also great, absolutely perfect for what we needed,” the cinematographer adds. “The waveform acts almost as a personal DIT [digital imaging technician] in the corner of your screen. We were able to work a lot faster without having to run back into the video tent and look at our images in a dark space.”