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This Web Series Is an In-Depth Look at the Making of a Short Film

Tony Aaron II’s Beyond the Frame is a new three-part web series that takes viewers behind-the-scenes of three different short films. Aaron goes over everything from pre-production, equipment choices, post-production and more.

As he explains, “The idea for Beyond the Frame came from my own need for such a show. I often find myself searching online for accurate portrayals of filmmaking behind the scenes. The pickings are slim. It should be industry standard practice to provide not just a candid perspective people can learn from, but also an experience they can walk away from saying, ‘I know what it was like to be there making that on that day’ – at least a little bit! My goal in creating Beyond the Frame was to offer that show to my community. When I would watch Top Gun or Ace Ventura growing up, and even today, I’d think to myself ‘I want to be there filming that!’ Beyond the Frame is a show that aims to puts you there with us.”

Watch the 9-part series of the making of the short film “Life of Loss” (which features the finished film) below. See the full equipment list here on Zacuto.