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Watch a Video Tutorial of Using Colorista III in Final Cut Pro X

In a 16-minute video tutorial, Mixing Light’s Patrick Inhofer gives an overview of using Red Giant’s Colorista III as a color correction plug-in for Final Cut Pro X.

He writes, “Colorista has always been known for it’s innovative user Interface. First, it integrated Mask controls directly within the plug-in—vastly simplifying advanced color correction tasks. Then in Colorista II they produced an outstanding interface for pulling keys. On top of that, it’s always been available in every major NLE, with identical functionality whether in FCP, Avid or Premiere. Colorista III has seen a streamlining of its interface. And it’s up and running on FCP X, so we’ll be taking a look at it as part of the FCP X Desert Island Challenge. My end goal is to decide which one ‘go-to’ plug-in I’ll add to FCP X to enhance its built-in color correction toolset?”

Read the full story and watch the video here.