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Watch the Trailer for Sufjan Steven’s Live Documentary

Sufjan Stevens’ “Round Up” is a feature-length documentary shot by Aaron and Alex Craig with a live score by Stevens which he will perform at the Brooklyn Academy of Music later this month. The film depicts the rodeo called the Pendleton Round-Up, which captured Stevens’ imagination when he serendipitously found himself as an attendee.

As the Craig brothers tell Indiewire, “[Stevens] asked us to capture everything at Pendleton in slow motion and as close as we could possibly get. We used a 200 mm lens, with a 2x extender, and filming at 300fps crops it in twice more to equal an 800 mm lens, so we got super close. We collected 60 hours of footage. We showed it to Sufjan and didn’t know what to do with it, and it became apparent that BAM would be the natural place to show this because of his existing relationship with them. We edited it for over a year.”

Watch the trailer below and read the full story here.