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Watch Test Footage from GoPro’s Upcoming Drone

Last year, GoPro announced that it is making its own drone with a built-in 4K camera and now it has released the first test footage from the upcoming GoPro Karma.

The footage shows skier Bobby Brown making a run with a GoPro camera in hand, that ultimately lifts off to showcase an aerial view.

Writes, “GoPro has slowly been unveiling small details about the Karma quadracopter drone since CEO Nick Woodman announced the device’s impending arrival at 2015’s Code Conference and from what we know so far, the drone will have 4K video resolution capacity and we assume it will also come with many of the same video and photo specs as those found in the latest Hero camera. As for the drone’s appearance, not a peep so far, though it will likely bear at least a passing resemblance to something between the Phantom drones and Yuneec’s Typhoon fliers.”

Watch the footage below.