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Watch a Teaser of John Waters’ ‘Kiddie Flamingoes’

For his new art show Beverly Hills John, John Waters is revisiting one of his most infamous films with a twist. The director filmed a full-length table read of a sanitized version of Pink Flamingos with children playing all of the parts.

As he tells The Creators Project, “I very much consider it a conceptual art piece. It’s a 74-minute table read of children—I rewrote the script of Pink Flamingos to make it G-rated. I took everything out, but really it’s the same script. It’s just a battle of filth, but there’s no sex or violence. So if you know the movie, it’s even more perverse. It’s this dirty little secret that the audience and my fans have, but the innocence of the children is kind of touching because they have no idea what the real movie is really like. I had the little cast screening for it the other night, and they were great watching it. They were laughing and they would put their hands over their ears anytime they had to say anything about ‘I love you’ or something. That was their obscenity.”

Watch a teaser below and read the full story here.