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Watch This Supercut Celebrating the Work of 12 Amazing Female Cinematographers

Fandor‘s Jacob T. Swinney celebrates the work of 12 amazing female cinematographers in the video found below while also exploring why they don’t seem to garner the same recognition as their male counterparts.

He writes, “One fact is that there simply are not that many women cinematographers working in Hollywood. And those who’ve been able to break into the industry do not seem to garner the fame and attention that male cinematographers do. In the entire history of the Academy Awards, Best Cinematography remains the only category never to have had a female nominee. Looking through a list of films shot by women, this is most certainly not due to a lack of merit. Films like Eve’s Bayou (1997), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) and The Rover (2014) were not only shot by women, but are some of the most visually beautiful films of the past twenty years. The fact of the matter is that women cinematographers seem to be largely confined to shooting small-budget, low-profile films that just do not attract enough attention.”

Watch below and read the full story here.