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Watch a Jaw-Dropping 12K Time-Lapse of Los Angeles

Photographer Joe Capra used a Phase One XF IQ3 100MP camera to shoot a stunning 12K time-lapse of Los Angeles. The extra resolution really shows in the video’s fequent use of post-production zooms.

Capra tells Fstoppers, “There were a lot of technical challenges with this project, mostly related to postproduction. When shooting time-lapse at 100 megapixels you are dealing with massive amounts of data and you start filling up hard drives very quickly. Storage requirements were massive for this project, about 32 TB in total. Computer processing power was another difficulty. I am currently running a four year old custom built PC which handles 4K footage very well, but it really did not like 12K footage. It takes a lot of processing power to render out full resolution 12K footage, and my computer was barely able to. Each shot took about six to ten hours in total to render. Sometimes during renders my computer would run out of RAM (I currently have 32 GB) and the computer would freeze up or crash and I would have to start all over again. I had countless days where I was dealing with failed renders and RAM shortages. I used Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects for the final edit. All the Adobe products handled the 12K footage very well. I used 4K resolution proxy files to lay down the edit and than switched them out for the full resolution files for final export and upload.”

Watch below and read more here.