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Watch the First Feature Film Shot in Infrared

Glen Ryan's "Brindabellas" was shot in near-infrared with a modified RED Epic-X.

Glen Ryan’s Brindabellas is a feature-length nature documentary about the Australian mountain range of the same name. It was shot in near-infrared with a modified RED Epic-X.

As NoFilmSchool explains, “The Silver Dory team worked with the newer Epic-X, which was also made available as a modified model without IR filtration on the optical low pass filter, allowing for shooting at more traditional light levels. Of course, that’s just the beginning of the technical hurdles required to shoot in IR, since none of your other equipment is tested with IR in mind. Lenses that match perfectly in the visible spectrum might react very differently when dealing with IR, and no longer match at all. Filtration has the same set of issues, with IR not being the spectrum it was designed for, results can be inconsistent at best.  Despite the hurdles, the results of Brindabellas are breathtaking.”

Read the full story here. The film is available to purchase and watch in full from Vimeo (found below).

BRINDABELLAS | edge of light from Silver Dory Productions on Vimeo.