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Watch Cinema’s Most Iconic Characters Being Chased by Film Burn in Brilliant Spot

The Mill beautifully melds together some of cinema’s most iconic chase scenes from North by Northwest, A Hard Day’s Night, The Shining and many more in the spot for the BFI’s Film Is Fragile film preservation initiative.

Director Carl Addy says in the behind-the-scenes video found below, “Rather than create an ad, it felt like it was such a great opportunity to create a short film. As far as doing a short story goes, you really want to get to something quite emotive quite quickly, that really just stands out, and [is] really iconic. So immediately that got us working with trying to create something dramatic…so a chase sequence seemed like a great idea for that. And naturally you have to work through what are they chased by. It kind of all fell into place, the idea of film burn.”

Check out the finished spot below.