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Watch a Breakdown of Zeiss’s New Compact Prime 3 and Compact Prime 3 XD Lenses

In the below video, AbelCine’s Andy Shipsides speaks to Zeiss’s Snehal Patel about Zeiss’s new Compact Prime 3 and Compact Prime 3 XD lenses.

Explains Shipsides, “

This exciting new series of professional cinema lenses feature smaller and lighter housings than their


predecessors, consistent 95mm front outer diameters, and an updated focusing mechanism for a consistently smooth feel, even in cold weather. All lenses in the range are now ‘full frame’ (covering up to the 35mm stills format, 24mm x 36mm, with a 43.4mm diagonal) and maximum apertures have been made more consistent as well. The 15mm, 18mm and 21mm focal lengths all open to T2.9 while focal lengths from 25mm and up all open to T2.1.”

Watch below and read the full story