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Visual Effects Society Brings Festival to Northern California

The Visual Effects Society (VES) recently announced that it willbring the annual VES festival — “A Festival of Visual Effects”( — to San Rafael, California, this summer, fromJune 14–16, 2002. Tickets for the festival are now available andcan be purchased through VES at (310) 315-6055 or via email

Tom Atkin, executive director of VES, stated: “We are thrilled tobring the festival to Northern California because of the enclave ofvisual effects luminaries located in this region, including everyonefrom Pixar and ILM, to PDI/Dreamworks and ESC. By bringing thesuccessful, annual Los Angeles-based festival to Northern Californiafor the first time, VES members in the Bay area, as well as others inthe visual effects industry outside of LA, will be able to experiencethe event first-hand. This will give visual effects people theopportunity to share the stage with the industry’s brightest and beststorytellers, as well as the opportunity to take part in an all starline-up of visual effects product.”

In addition, Douglas Trumbull, a pioneer in the visual effects arenafrom his work on “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Close Encounters of theThird Kind,” “Blade Runner,” and many others, will be recognized with ahonorary membership to the Visual Effects Society. Trumbull is only thefifth person in history to receive this highest distinction, followingvisual effects Oscar winners Lynwood Dunn, Al Whitlock, PeterEllenshaw, and Ray Harryhausen. Mr. Trumbull will be honored becausehis work has influenced and affected the course of the visual effectsindustry.

The Festival line-up is set as follows:

Friday June 14:

9:30–11:30 AM: 15 Years of Pixar

1–3 PM: “Spider-Man”

4–6 PM: Creating the Character (Ray Harryhausen, Phil Tippett,David Barclay and Dan Taylor)

8–10 PM: An Evening with Douglas Trumbull

Saturday June 15:

10 AM–12 PM: “Black Hawk Down”

1:30 – 3:30 PM: “Star Wars Episode Two” (Rob Coleman, ILM)

4:30– 6:30 PM: “Blade Runner” Retrospective

Sunday June 16:

10 AM–12 PM: “Star Wars Episode Two” (Pablo Helman, ILM)

1:30– 3:30 PM: “Star Wars Episode Two” (John Knoll, ILM)

4:30– 6:30 PM: “Star Wars Episode Two” (Dennis Muren and BenSnow, ILM)

VES will next take the festival to Frankfurt, Germany, inassociation with eDIT, a congress focusing on production andpost-production, and the State of Hessen. In Germany, a similar line-upwill be presented October 19–22, 2002.

About VES

The Visual Effects Society, founded in 1997, is comprised ofdistinguished visual effects artists and technologists who areprofessionally committed to the specialized industry of visual effects.The society provides its members with a platform for communication,education and recognition of the current and future state of the visualeffects industry. Society headquarters are located in Santa Monica, CAwith over 650 members found around the globe.