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Viper FilmStream Camera Supports da Vinci On-Set Color Correction

da Vinci Systems

announced it has worked with Thomson Broadcast & Media Solutions and S.two Corp to produce a color enhancement and monitoring system that allows directors of photography and colorists to share image-enhancement ideas on-set without changing or compromising the recorded image. The product integration — which provides for easier and more accurate pre-visualization decisions about composition, lighting, and style to be made on-set during filming — will be showcased at the Cine Gear Expo, June 11 and 12.

The Viper camera system records a viewable “digital negative” to S.two’s DFR field recorder as uncompressed 10-bit RGB data, which is monitored with an on-set version of da Vinci’s color corrector. To lessen the difficulty of judging material in its raw state, the integrated solution from da Vinci and Thomson allows the director, cinematographer, and others on-set to pre-visualize the ultimate look of a scene by applying basic color enhancement tools from da Vinci’s well-known 2K toolset.

With the integrated system, a color decision list (CDL) is generated by the da Vinci on-set color corrector and stored as metadata with the material or exported via floppy disk or Ethernet for later use on a da Vinci 2K or 2K Plus system at a post-production facility.