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‘Vinyl’ DP Rodrigo Prieto Takes it Back to the ’70s with Sony F55 and Panavision Primo Lenses

Vinyl cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto speaks to Panavision about his decision to use a Sony F55 with the S-Gamut3.Cine/SLog3 color space and a film emulation LUT for shooting the 1970s-set HBO series.

“That combination gave us really pleasing richness of color,” says Prieto. “We felt the skin tones looked more like film. The camera’s response to color, such as the way the blues looked in the shadows, was also important to us.”

The cinematographer also chose Panavision Primo lenses. “What I found was that the Primos used with Soft FX filtration rendered a look very similar to the older glass. Of course, the older lenses have problems in terms of color matching, F-stop and close focus. With the Primos, I had total control,” he explains.