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Vinten Vector 75 Takes Up Residence at Fenway Park

For cameraman Tom Guilmette, who specializes in sports action shooting, rock-solid support is a must. A long-time user of equipment by Vinten, a Vitec Group brand, Tom has long relied on his Vector 70 to get those once-in-a-lifetime shots of baseballs whizzing over home plate, footballs flying in the air, and every other heart-stopping sporting moment. “When I found out the new Vector 75 might be available, I was excited,” explains Tom, “What could Vinten do to improve on the best pan and tilt head on the market?  They were gracious enough to provide me with literally the first head available, serial number 1.

“And I put it to work immediately, capturing Red Sox action at Fenway Park,” he says. “When I am shooting sports, I’m usually on a Sony HDC 910 with a Canon 75X lens. That’s about 50 pounds combined. Heavy camera. Heavy lens. And I usually end up high somewhere on a roof using the long end of the lens. Combine that weight often with heavy winds, vibrations and temperature changes as I follow a baseball flying through the air. I have to have rock solid support under that camera.

“The new Vector 75 gives me that and more. It feels identical to the Vector 70, and gives me all that I get from the older heads. It has that most important cameraman’s friend, a pivot point where you can swing, pan and tilt with instinct. When I’m tracking high speed, I can feel the start and stop and know exactly what happens.

“The new head has the design of a pantograph, cams that breathe, rise up and down, not sitting in the traditional over-the-center position. It also has an improved T-bar spin to adjust the center point. To me, the T-bar is easier to use than a knob. Otherwise, the insides are exactly like the Vector 70 I know so well.

“And I’m not alone,” Guilmette adds. “All the East Coast sports guys feel the same. They judge every head available against a Vinten. In fact, when we arrive for a job and the truck arrives, the first thing we want to know is what pan head we’re going to have. If it’s a Vinten–we can breath better.

“I’m really enjoying capturing the action at Fenway Park with the new Vector 75. And when I’m not at Fenway, I’m going to put this new head in my car, and whatever job–whether its Major League Soccer, College Lacrosse or Minor League Baseball–I’m going to pull it out and put it to work, driving it as hard as I’d drive any Vinten head because I know it can take it.”

The intelligent design of the Vector 75 is based on the popular Vector 70, but with an improved carrying capacity, and stronger, more durable components. The Vector 75 head incorporates the same LF drag control that helped make its predecessor the global industry standard for many years.

Vinten’s renowned drag systems are designed to offer complete control at any level of movement. The Vector 75’s LF drag is an infinitely adjustable lubricated friction system, allowing for fine adjustment of drag levels as well as whip pan at any level of drag. The new head also features Vinten’s signature infinitely adjustable Perfect Balance system. This pantographic balance system, unique to the Vector range, is suitable for camera, lens and teleprompter combinations of up to 165 lbs (75 kg) on the Vector 75. Combined with the LF drag system it provides the ultimate in smooth, precise quality of movement.

The Vector 75 also features an illuminated leveling bubble, for quick and convenient set up in low light situations and a retractable T bar slide plate positioner for controlled fore and aft camera adjustment.