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Vinten Intros Intelligent Vector Heads at IBC

Vinten, a Vitec Group brand and global leader in camera supports, is launching two new heads at IBC2010 in direct response to user demand. The Vector 750i promises the precision necessary for virtual and augmented reality in outside broadcast and studio applications. The Vector 430 is a compact head with a very wide payload range, designed to meet the needs of production companies working with multiple camera setups.

Developed in collaboration with leading global customers, including Telegenic in the U.K. and Sportvision in the U.S., the Vector 750i is the first encoded pantographic head from Vinten.  It incorporates a new Intelligence Module allowing semi-automatic setup, slide plate tracking and kinematic compensation, all of which help ensure stable and precise placement of virtual graphics into the live environment. This engineering, coupled with the feel of the Vector 750, used by operators around the world, ensures that the Vector 750i will be keenly anticipated.

The new Vector 430 pan-and-tilt head has a unique compact and lightweight design that makes it simple to rig, convenient to transport and equally well suited to studio and outside broadcast operations. Advanced engineering from Vinten has given the head a payload capacity of 22lb. (10kg) to 95 lb. (43kg), making it capable of  balancing any camera — from a lightweight EFP system right up to a mini-box lens setup. This simplifies the task on field work, for example, when specifying suitable support equipment; providing a single choice when two heads may have previously been required. The Vector 430 offers performance with all the features Vinten studio and OB users have come to expect, including infinitely adjustable perfect balance and TF fluid drag, rapid camera positioning and balance adjustment and ergonomically positioned controls that make using the Vector 430 second nature.

“Because of our long standing popularity in the studio and OB market, it is very common to find us working at the ‘sharp end’ talking with the cameramen about the issues they face daily and the level of functionality they really need,” said Peter Harman, Vinten product manager. “These two new Vector heads have been developed to meet real user requirements, to give them the operational flexibility they need in the studio or out on the field, and seamlessly integrate virtual reality graphics into live production.”

For further information, go to or contact: Vinten, 709 Executive Blvd., Valley College, NY 10989, Phone: 888-2-Vinten, Fax: 845-268-0113; E-mail:, find Vinten at IBC on stand 11.F60, near the Production Village.