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Vigits Intros STOPBOX Iris Control System

Video product developer


has introduced the STOPBOX Iris Control System to control cine-style lenses on HD and high-end

Standard Definition video cameras. Designed by HD production engineers Barry Minnerly and Abby Levine, the compact and lightweight unit enables remote iris adjustment from the video camera controller and makes it easy for DPs and lighting directors to match multiple cameras on the sets of sitcoms and other TV programming.

The Vigits designers conceived of STOPBOX while supporting the HD cable series, “100 Centre Street,” several years ago. STOPBOX self calibrates and gently positions the customer-supplied digitally-encoded motor.

The unit uses very little power, runs cool and supplies camera-accessory power via the aux port. STOPBOX also offers color-coded

LED feedback status and provides VTR start/stop control.

Levine and Minnerly, in 1984 founded Palomar Software, Inc. to develop and market the Log-It 100 software package for video and film logging applications.

STOPBOX has a list price of $1,195 and includes a motor-control cable.