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Watch This Webcast Series: “Working in HDR – From Set to Screen”

Learn about the end-to-end content creation workflow for HDR content and guidelines for success

Dolby and RED produced a series of webcasts focused on working in high dynamic range (HDR):

Part one gives you an in-depth introduction and overview of HDR, Wide Color Gamut and metadata creation from on set to in the home:

Click on the above image to view the webcast

Part two covers practical considerations for working with HDR on set.

Click on the above image to view the webcast

Part three features a discussion with Lost in Space cinematographer Sam McCurdy, BSC and Company 3 senior colorist Siggy Ferstl as they recount their experiences working in HDR and the workflow they followed to capture and deliver the look and feel of the Netflix series.

Click on the image above to view the webcast.

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