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Watch: Alister Chapman Explains Technology Terms (Keep Your Notebook Handy)

“This one is firmly for the geeks.”

View the full playlist of Chapman’s “Tech Terms” tutorials below, including:

  • What is Native ISO?
  • What is a Global Shutter?
  • What is Black Balancing?
  • What is Diffraction?
  • The Difference Between F & T Stops
  • What is a Color Matrix?
  • What is Chromatic Aberration?
  • What Are Aliasing & Moiré?
  • What is Clipping?
  • What is RAW?
  • What is a Codec?
  • What is a LUT?
  • What is Bit Depth?
  • What is Color Gamut?
  • What is Gamma?
  • What is Log?