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“Boneyard Ballet:” Let’s See What the Canon C300 Mark III Can Do

Go behind the scenes with cinematographer Steve Holleran

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“I created was a concept called ‘Boneyard Ballet,’” cinematographer Steve Holleran tells Jon Fauer.  “It’s an art piece, an ode to flight, human and mechanical. It features a ballerina dancing through an abandoned 747 airliner in a Mojave Desert airplane boneyard. The idea was born out of trips I used to take to the desert with my dad, who’s an airline pilot. He would point out the old planes in the Mojave Air and Space Port and refer to them as big metal birds. That sparked the idea of having a ballerina dance along the wing of a plane set to the music of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

“To communicate this visually, we open in the boneyard and push through the cabin of a retired 747 onto the cover of an old Skyways magazine where we see a picture of a ballerina,” he continues. “Then, the foot of a real ballerina is reincarnated. It’s meant to be magical, lyrical and nostalgic—as if by coming alive off the page, so too is the plane. In fact, the cabin is the stage and our ballerina is dancing for a bygone audience. Ultimately, she leaps off the end of the wing in a huge stunt where she’s airborne for a good 20 seconds and disappears like a mirage back into the boneyard. It is about the history of aviation, the memory of abandoned spaces, and the art of bringing new beauty to an old place.” To read the full interview, click here.

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