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Video Devices PIX-E5 Keeps Up with Jose Sarmiento

When cinematographer Jose Sarmiento journeyed into Ecuador’s Amazon jungle for an independent documentary on the indigenous Quechua people and culture, he knew he’d face the harshest conditions to which his equipment had ever been exposed. He needed to pack only his most reliable, most portable equipment, so he turned to Video Devices PIX-E5 recording monitor and mSATA-based SpeedDrives.

“We didn’t want to compromise on quality, and the PIX-E5 allowed us to record in 4K ProRes. The PIX-E5 fits in the palm of my hand, and being able to easily mount it on a gimbal made all the difference,” Sarmiento says. “One SpeedDrive, which is no bigger than my thumb, lasted us a whole day, which was great as it meant carrying less gear.”

Along with two PIX-E5s, the two-person crew packed a DJI Phantom 3 drone, a DJI Ronin-M gimbal and two Sony a7S IIs.

“Within two days of us being there, some of our equipment rusted, which tells you just what kind of humidity we were exposing all this gear to,” says Sarmiento of the nine-day trip. “It was an amazing experience. It really put us and the gear to the test.”

Even though he was capturing dynamic images outdoors in extreme heat and suffocating humidity, Sarmiento wanted his focus to remain on the story. “The PIX-E5 gave us peace of mind about a number of factors,” he adds. “It’s truly an amazing product.”