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Video Artist Yoshi Sodeoka Makes ‘Unrelaxing Ambient Video’ for Pyschic TV Performance

Last weekend saw a collaboration between the band Psychic TV and video artist Yoshi Sodeoka at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

Explains Sodeoka about the show’s experimental visuals, “I was always interested in the idea of making a noise piece that could be remixed and mutated further by people including myself. So this is one of the few that I have been working on. It is abstract, it has no distinctive moment in the flow, and it is anticlimactic. I just wanted to make it noisy-looking but flat in a way so it could be adopted to different purposes. Maybe it’s like a stock footage from a bizzaro world. Or, I should say, it’s an unrelaxing ambient video.”

See a sampling below and read more here on The Creators Project.

Mutation, 6.55 kHz @ -6dB; 7.01 kHz @ -60dB: Yoshihide Sodeoka from Undervolt & Co. on Vimeo.