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Video Artist Cyriak Brings Signature Style to ‘W/Bob & David’ Titles

Artist Cyriak was recently invited to turn his signature kaleidoscopic videos into an opening credit sequence for Netflix’s W/Bob & David. The result is an irreverent piece that fits in well with both the sketch comedy and Cyriak’s ouevre.

“They basically just wanted me to do what I do. They would give me a ton of material and would let me fill 20 seconds with whatever madness I could make from it,” Cyriak tells Fast Company‘s Co.Create. “They even wanted me to do the music, which is unusual (both the request and the music). So, a lot of creative freedom there. The main challenge was making it at 4K resolution for Netflix. That’s four times bigger than my monitor. It turned out my computer can’t handle video footage very well at that size, so it was lucky they had loads of hi-res photos for me to play with.”