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Video Artist Bruce Nauman Recreates His Famous 1968 Piece

Veteran artist Bruce Nauman’s latest work, Contrapposto Studies, revisits a piece of video art he made in 1968 called Walk With Contrapposto.

In the original (video found below), Nauman is seen performing an hourlong walk in the contrapposto pose, the stance often seen in classical sculpture as in Michelangelo’s David. In the new version, Nauman again recreates the walk, this time with the pieces of the video and sound fragmented (not to mention viewing an aged version of his body).

“I haven’t always practiced this, but I think work needs to be available — or should be available — to people on any level, coming at it from wherever they come,” Nauman tells The New York Times. “I’m questioning things as much for myself as for anybody.”

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