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Vice’s ‘A House Divided’ Is a Forensic Look at the Year in Politics

Vice’s newest special report for HBO, A House Divided, speaks to key politicians through 2016 to figure out, piece by piece, how we ended up at such a divisive point in our government. 

“It’s important to remember how we got here,” Vice CEO Shane Smith tells The Hollywood Reporter about what he learned from the year he spent making the documentary. “There was dissatisfaction with Washington, across the board. Instead of being a bit more centrist and logical, everyone became a bit more firebrandy. It’s a weird political situation. I’m sort of a centrist dude, and I was surprised because the DOW went from 6,000 to 19,000 under Obama. Jobs haven’t been better in 15 years. And, in the middle of the election, a census came out saying the middle class grew more than it has in 50 years. And everyone just says, ‘America is f—ed. Jobs are f—ed. The economy is f—ed.’ If that was a Republican government, they’d be hammering on how they saved the world. If you do go back, as an autopsy, no one was allowed to say anything this election. You couldn’t even venture into those arguments because it was all name-calling and bullying. We wanted to do a forensic look at how this happened, beat by beat.”

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