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Vegas Pro 10 Adds Update for Z Depth 3D Blu-ray Subtitling

New features and performance improvements introduced in Z Depth 1.5.

Sony Creative Software, a leading provider of professional video and audio editing applications, announced today that stereoscopic Blu-ray 3D subtitling application Z Depth is now compatible with Sony Vegas Pro 10 non-linear editing software, adding several new features and performance improvements to Z Depth for Blu-ray Disc authoring professionals.

The Z Depth 1.5 subtitle offset editing application integrates with Vegas Pro 10 to allow 3D Blu-ray Disc authoring facilities to easily create required disparity metadata files for positioning of subtitles and menus. The Z Depth application also enables 3D Blu-ray Disc authoring facilities and subtitle creation companies to produce accurate subtitling in the 3D space to create the most comfortable viewing experience possible.

“Already a crucial tool for Blu-ray Disc production professionals, the new version of Z Depth now allows users to access many of the powerful 3D editing features provided in Vegas Pro 10,” said Dave Chaimson, vice president of global marketing for Sony Creative Software. “While creating subtitles in 3Dcan be a very complex challenge, these new features help to simplify the process to ensure that subtitles fit naturally into consumers’ at home 3D experiences.”

Z Depth 1.5 now supports a number of additional output modes, including side-by-side, over/under, and anaglyphic modes, improving workflow by allowing numerous monitoring options for both editing and viewing. The software update also provides 3D correction tools and allows raw stereo source files to be used in the timeline. 

Improvements for Z Depth 1.5 include:
• Compatibility with Vegas Pro 10 3D Feature Set: Z Depth 1.5 now utilizes the powerful native stereoscopic output modes and timeline support available in Vegas Pro 10 for simplified stereoscopic video production
• Buffer Compensation: Eliminates the delay in the subtitle depth adjustment that can cause the subtitles to ‘jump’ on Blu-ray players with limited buffering capabilities
• Added BDN XML Editing: Users can edit the BDN XML fields during project sessions, including image file locations, event start and end times, and X and Y coordinates
• Updated Z Depth UI Event Navigation: The timeline cursor location now dynamically updates the Event Navigator, synchronizing the timeline and event navigator for more efficient workflow
• Enhanced Z Axis Parallax Limit settings: Z Depth 1.5’s Z Axis Parallax Limit settings are now user editable and project-specific, allowing for users to determine their own Parallax Limit settings that go beyond preset values
• New User Preferences: In cases where Z Depth is used by more than one user on a given machine, a new preferences dialog is now available for setting multiple users’ UI and project preferences. Presets for multiple editors and project settings can be saved for future use
• 3D Output Options: Using Vegas Pro 10’s native support for popular stereoscopic modes, users can output in side-by-side, line alternate, anaglyphic, and more for a wider range of production options
• The BD spec-compliant offset metadata files created by Z Depth can be used in any 3D Blu-ray Disc authoring application that supports the BDN + Offset Metadata file specifications. There are no special hardware requirements for Z Depth, although Sony Creative Software recommends that editors use the included Presonus Fader Port for data input.

The Z Depth 1.5 update is free to all current customers with Z Depth 1.0 who have purchased the application within the last year. Current Z Depth users should contact Sony Creative Software at to request details on obtaining the update. Z Depth can be purchased by contacting Sony Creative Software Pro Services group.