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VE Crew Is Sold on Transvideo StarliteRF Monitor-Recorders

VE Crew is a busy London rental and crewing company servicing the broadcast and cinematography sectors. The company has taken on board the Transvideo StarliteRF, a lightweight 5-inch OLED monitor with built-in wireless receiver and recording capability. With a range of 600 feet, the TitanHD2 Tx transmitter can be paired with StarlteRF units and up to four additional TitanHD2 Rx units.

StarliteRF is popular with crews and clients as a lightweight, cable-free monitor-recorder for directors, DPs, focus pullers and others. It records in H.264 on SD cards. Recording starts automatically from compatible cameras, and playback is also possible from memory cards on Mac or PC.

Marcus Brent-Smith, camera assistant on The Apprentice (UK), says, “On a recent shoot in London, I found the StarliteRF reliable and easy to use. The production directors were impressed by the small size, light weight, HD picture, bright screen and user friendliness. Once paired, you simply switch on the Rx and it links to the Tx in a few seconds. They found the monitors especially useful for checking that shots were covered during documentary-style group conversations.”

Gary Parkhurst, senior camera assistant on The Apprentice (UK), says, “It is essential to offer directors a compact wireless handheld HD monitor. To have a ‘solid’ HD image transmitting wirelessly, with the ability for the director to switch between two cameras in a very lightweight ergonomic monitor, is a great step forward. The built-in recording function is an additional bonus.”