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Upcoming Documentary ‘Courage & Conviction’ Shot With Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Cirina Catania’s Courage & Conviction is a feature-length documentary that documents the story of Marine Corporal Kionte Storey, a wounded veteran. The film highlights the struggles and  path to recovery Storey has followed after the loss of his lower right leg to an IED (improvised explosive device) in Afghanistan in September of 2010. Since then, Storey has become the first African American and first amputee to reach the summit of Antarctica’s Mt. Vinson. He has also learned to snowboard, skateboard, and ski; has medaled in Warrior Games track and swimming events; and is now focusing on the International Paralympics.

Catania, a co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival, used the Blackmagic Cinema Camera to shoot the film and says of the experience, “We all have gifts.  How can we recognize what those gifts, what is our chosen purpose and how do we muster up the courage to pursue our dreams even when others are saying ‘no’ is what defines us.  Kionte’s new life embodies all of that and more.”

“Now more than ever, in part because of new technologies, we have the ability to communicate our thoughts, ideas and stories and share them with others on a very broad scale,” she continues. “Blackmagic Design has designed a line of cameras that have become a part of my life. They give me a voice. I trust in the technology and when I’m on the set, it becomes all about achieving my vision and sharing my passion with the people around me.”

Catania will be screening snippets from the upcoming film and discussing her production workflow at the following events:

–        Boston, October 14 – BOSFCPUG Meeting
–        Washington DC, October 23 – DCFCPUG Meeting
–        New York City, November 11 – Mopictive Meeting