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Understanding the Pros and Cons of the RED Raven 4.5K Camera

4K Shooters’ Vlady Radev examines the pros and cons of the RED Raven 4.5K camera, the company’s lightest and most affordable camera to date.

“It’s a truly revolutionary piece of technology, especially for the price point offering 120fps 4.5K RAW capabilities and stunning 240fps 2K slow-motion videos. If that is not enough, the camera is equipped with the last generation Dragon sensor, providing 4608 × 2160 maximum resolution, 16 stops of dynamic range and the proprietary color science by RED,” he writes, “Just like any other camera, the RED Raven isn’t perfect so you should bear in mind a few important considerations when using it. The biggest trade off of the camera is probably the crop factor of the Dragon sensor. On one hand, it will give you some extra reach when utilizing your long telephoto lenses, but on the other, going wide can be a bit trickier. For instance, with the Tokina 11-16mm, 2.8 lens you will get roughly 18mm to 26 mm. The changing crops for different resolutions make things even more challenging, so it’s definitely a quirk you should be aware of.”

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