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Tyler Stableford Covers His Bases with Redrock microRemote Tandem Bundle

Director/DP Tyler Stableford (Twitter @TylerStableford) is sought for his bold visual storytelling in TV commercials, narrative projects and documentaries. His style and subject matter keep his productions lean and mobile. When Stableford upped his game to add focus control, he adopted the new microRemote Tandem Bundle from Redrock Micro.

“We do a lot of shooting on our gimbals and Redrock Micro shoulder rigs, so the Fingerwheel has become a valuable tool for operators to control focus while staying with the shot,” Stableford says. “When we have the time and bandwidth to use a dedicated focus puller, we switch to the wireless hand unit. We are able to switch back and forth really quickly, depending on the shot and available crew.”

The microRemote’s small size and minimal power draw are big pluses with today’s smaller cameras and lenses. “The microRemote is really good for the smaller rigs and cameras I use today. I can use the onboard power from the gimbal, and it’s light enough that I can leave it on the rig without worrying about added strain.”

The microRemote tandem bundle comes standard with ultra-light flexCables that are perfect for gimbal use, eliminating cable drag and snags. Also included: Air Lens Gears, extra marking disks, and flares for nighttime shoots.

“The Tandem Bundle gives me everything I need for both single-operator and dual-operator focus pulls. It’s been the single best addition to our kit so far.”