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TVU Networks’ Facebook Live Integration Offers Personalized Connection with Viewers

TVU Networks solutions, such as the company’s TVU One cellular mobile transmitters, support direct live video streaming capabilities to social media networks, including Facebook Live. Setup is simple, and operation is automatic. Because TVU One is lightweight and compact, users can transmit live to Facebook from practically anywhere at any time.

Recently the Catholic Television of San Antonio (CTSA) employed TVU as a portable solution for transmitting live video coverage of community events and added Facebook Live integration. Now CTSA live streams daily mass directly to its Facebook page, increasing viewer reach. The CTSA broadcasts locally produced video content and covers off-site events such as local graduations and holiday celebrations.

When using the TVU Anywhere mobile app with TVU transmitters, users can instantly post to Twitter or Facebook using the TVU Social platform in real time during a live video transmission with just the push of a button, allowing users to connect more often and more quickly with followers. With the TVU Social platform, users can snap a picture of the TVU transmitter’s live transmission and post from TVU Anywhere.

TVU One is the company’s fifth generation live mobile IP newsgathering transmitter. It delivers transmission resiliency, performance, picture quality and sub-second latency in a compact and lightweight size. The TVU Anywhere app turns an iPhone or Android device into a live video transmitter. TVU Anywhere uses a 3G/4G/LTE wireless connection and Wi-Fi when available to transmit live video to a TVU receiver.