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TV Manufacturers Have Ensured That HDR and 4K Are Bound Together

HDR may make more of a difference in the television-viewing experience than 4K, but most consumers won’t be able to see one without the other.

Explains Light Reading‘s Mari Sibley, “HDR TVs aren’t going to sell without 4K because the public is already sold on 4K UHD as the next big thing, explains Research Director Paul Gagnon at analyst firm IHS Markit. TV manufacturers ‘have a tiered strategy when they introduce products into the market,’ noted Gagnon recently during a panel at CES. ‘And once the industry has, or the consumer has, picked up on the fact that 4K is premium, they’ve discounted 1080p as not premium anymore. So the willingness to pay any kind of marginal premium for what’s seen as yesterday’s technology goes away quickly.'”

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