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‘Trash’ Director Stephen Daldry on Embracing the Chaos of His Improvisational Film

Trash director Stephen Daldry and cinematographer Adriano Goldman spoke at the Camerimage Film Festival about improvising with child non-actors to create their film.

Says Daldry, as reported by Variety, “We used to get in in the morning and the kids had been through the story a number of times and understood it and given their own version of it, and that was what we were going to do, but that was reinvented each day.  So we never knew what we were going to shoot each day, and what the scene was going to be. Nobody was following a script. So it was just improvised on the day and there was a certain amount of total chaos, literal chaos, I mean breakdown chaos, because of the nature of the young people in the film and their own particular genius and chaos…But the crew were amazing and their patience was amazing. They were amazing for allowing the chaos, and trusting the chaos, rather than just saying this is f—ing ridiculous.”

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