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Transvideo Innovates for the Motion Picture Industry

Innovation and expertise have always been on Transvideo’s agenda. Since 1985, the company (based in Normandy, France) and its team of engineers have designed and manufactured high-end onboard picture monitors that have changed the motion picture industry.

Steadicam operator Andrew Fletcher says, “Transvideo has always been the top monitor solution for Steadicam. The stand-out feature for me is reliability. My X-SBL 6-inch CineMonitorHD has been doused in rain, dust and mud and still refuses to fail. It’s the only monitor I’ve used that really holds up shooting in direct sunlight—it has set the standard for daylight-viewable monitors.”

Transvideo recently launched a new wireless transmission system, StarliteRF, a 5-inch 3G-SDI touchscreen OLED monitor-recorder with built-in wireless receiver. With a range of 656 feet (LOS), it can be used to monitor and record drone aerial shots, as well as on Steadicam or other camera rigs or gimbals. The TitanHD2 wireless system has been tested in working television studio environments and proved to be interference free, working with up to three receivers.

Cinematographer Emily-Jane Robinson says, “The Transvideo StarliteRF completes my Alexa Mini setup, with the ARRI/Transvideo Starlite monitor on my Alexa Mini and the StarliteRF either attached to the ARRI WCU-4 for my focus puller or in the director’s hand if we’re pulling focus manually.”