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‘Transparent’ DP Jim Frohna on Using the Camera as the ‘Unseen Player’

Transparent cinematographer Jim Frohna talks to Indiewire about the highly improvisational, handheld style that he and director Jill Soloway created for the Amazon show.

Says Frohna, “The work we did in rehearsal not only built the foundation of the Pfefferman clan, but it also gave me an intimacy with the actors and the material. This whole approach to filmmaking is intuitive and allows that same sense of exploration and ‘play’ that we used in rehearsal to be carried over to the set. For Transparent Jill and I don’t feel the need for a storyboard or often even a shot list. Here, the actors don’t have marks and they are not restricted by a lighting set up because we generally light for the whole scene. As well, I like to operate the main camera and work, as Jill would put it, like the ‘unseen player.'”

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