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Total Training Supports Adobe with Training Videos for Creative Suite 2

Total Training, Inc.

announced a new series of DVD-ROM videos for mastering Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition. This announcement follows the launch of Creative Suite 2, Adobe’s complete design and publishing environment—making the Total Training series the earliest video training available for both Mac and PC users.

Sample video tutorials will be included with Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe InDesign CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2, and Adobe GoLive CS2 product boxes. In addition to the sample tutorials, Creative Suite 2 users can get Total Training’s comprehensive video training for each full-version of Adobe’s indispensable design software, including: Total Training for Photoshop CS2, Total Training for InDesign CS2, Total Training for Illustrator CS2, and Total Training for GoLive CS2. Also available is Total Training Presents Creative Suite 2: from Design to Delivery, which focuses on ways to master the entire product line workflow.

The DVD-based series are hosted by Steve Holmes and Deke McClelland, industry-recognized Adobe experts. They follow Total Training’s interactive teaching method proven to be effective for thousands of users. Holmes and McClelland help develop viewers’ skills and understanding in order to advance to the next level. Users watch videos and practice tutorials based on real-world scenarios to effectively sharpen design, print, and web publishing skills.

Phase 1—Standard Edition

Total Training for Photoshop CS2 ($299.99 USD),

Total Training for InDesign CS2 ($249.99 USD), and

Total Training for Illustrator CS2 ($199.99 USD) will be shipping by the end of April 2005.

Phase 2—Premium Edition

Total Training Presents Creative Suite 2: from Design to Delivery ($129.99 USD) will be shipping by the end of May 2005. Total Training for GoLive CS2 ($149.99 USD) will be shipping by the end of June 2005.