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Top THIS! OK Go Returns with a Viral Video to Trump All Other Viral Videos

Let’s face it, with all of the many, many entertainment choices we
have facing us, every minute of every single day, when it comes to the
matter of what we choose to give our precious attention to, music
videos tend to rank pretty low on the totem pole. There’s probably a
pretty compelling reason MTV is not longer calling itself a “music”
channel. So ’80s, isn’t it? A three-minute music video? Who has the time?

when you hear about some “cool” new music video — maybe your tweeps
told you about it — it had, well, better be good. Chicago-based indie


know this. Their 2006 video, “

Here It Goes Again

featuring the group doing a synchronized dance routine on treadmills,
has been viewed by about 50 million people, so the follow-up had, well,
better be good too.

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