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Toolkit: October 2017

AJA Video Systems

Announced at the NAB Show in April, the FS-HDR universal converter/frame synchronizer from AJA is now available. FS-HDR delivers breakthrough real-time high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut (WCG) conversion and processing capabilities for 4K/Ultra HD/2K/HD HDR workflows. FS-HDR offers two modes for comprehensive signal conversion, and allows users to also convert a range of camera log formats to HDR broadcast standards as well as to/from BT.2020/BT.709. FS-HDR’s single-channel mode, with extensive HDR and WCG support for 4K/Ultra HD/2K/HD/SD processing, enables up/down/cross-conversion, including real-time downconversion of 4K/Ultra HD HDR to HD HDR or SDR. Four-channel mode can simultaneously apply up to four HDR and SDR transforms to an incoming 2K/HD signal for output or apply transforms to four separate 2K/HD incoming signals for simultaneous output. FS-HDR is now available for $7,995. 

Azden Corp.

The SGM-250CX is a short condenser shotgun microphone ideal for mounting on compact digital cinema cameras, mirrorless cameras and DSLRs equipped with XLR adapters. Its 6 in. length is short enough to be unobtrusive but long enough for excellent rear and side sound rejection. The highly sensitive microphone element runs on 48V phantom power and comes with a hardwired (13 in.) XLR cable that provides convenient connection to camera. The SGM-250CX, which fits in most ring-clamp style microphone mounts, also includes Azden’s newly designed SMH-X shock mount, which mounts to standard size camera shoe slots, 1/4″-20 threaded mounts and tripods. Hand-crafted in Japan, the SGM-250CX is backed by Azden’s 10-year warranty. Suggested retail price is $250. 

Blackmagic Design
DaVinci Resolve 14

DaVinci Resolve 14, Blackmagic’s professional editing, color correction and digital audio software, has exited beta testing and is now available. New features include up to 10 times performance improvement and a new audio postproduction suite with Fairlight audio built in. For multi-user studios, DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio features bin and timeline locking, secure chat, a graphical timeline comparison tool for accepting and merging changes and more. These features dramatically change postproduction from a linear to a parallel workflow. Customers no longer have to import, export, translate or conform projects. Everyone can work on the same project at the same time. DaVinci Resolve 14 is a free download. The full DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio—which includes the collaborative multi-user tools, 4K and 120 fps project support, film grain and de-noise tools—is $299. 

Dejero and Intelsat
Dejero CellSat

Dejero and Intelsat partnered in the development of Dejero CellSat, which provides broadcasters with a blended cellular and Ku-band IP solution for live television coverage from remote locations. Dejero CellSat leverages Dejero’s network blending technology to combine cellular connectivity from multiple mobile network carriers with Ku-band IP connectivity provided by Intelsat. This gives CellSat users the bandwidth required to go live from virtually anywhere. If the bandwidth available from cellular connections dips due to network congestion or other factors, CellSat automatically blends in Ku-band IP satellite connectivity to boost bandwidth to the requested level for the live shot. Dejero CellSat is available in the United States and Canada, with rollout to other regions planned for 2018.

Xcellis Foundation

Xcellis Foundation is a high-performance, entry-level workflow storage system that addresses the technical and budgetary requirements of small- to medium-sized postproduction facilities and corporate video departments. Based on Quantum’s StorNext shared file system and data management platform, Xcellis Foundation delivers the benefits of enterprise-class Xcellis storage, including high performance and scalability, in a NAS appliance for less than $25,000. Xcellis Foundation comes standard with 48 TB of raw capacity, and users can upgrade to 72 TB or 96 TB. Connectivity is via dual 10 GbE or optional 40 GbE, and NAS protocol support is included with no per-seat licensing. 

Sachtler and Vinten

Sachtler and Vinten, both Vitec Group brands, showcased their new flowtech camera tripod technology and the flowtech 75 tripod at IBC. The technology is characterized by quick-release brakes and easy-adjust levers that enable camera operators to set up and begin using flowtech tripods in an instant. The flowtech 75 design offers a set of two-stage carbon fiber tripod legs with an easy-to-remove mid-level spreader, rubber feet and a payload capacity of 44 lb. Quick-release brakes located at the top of the tripod enable all the legs to be deployed simultaneously and adjusted to the ground’s surface automatically. The exceptional torsional stiffness of flowtech ensures that the tripod will not twist during camera panning movements. MSRP of the flowtech 75 tripod is $1,050. 

VH-10X Video Head

VH-10X is a small, high-quality video head that provides smooth pans, controlled tilts and seamless transitions with its four-position panning feature that includes a free rotating zero setting. The head has a load capacity of 13.2 lb. and weighs 2.6 lb. The SIRUI-designed fluid head tilting mechanism (+70°/-90°) lets users steplessly adjust resistance, producing a smooth, professional look with heavy or lightweight systems. A counterbalance mechanism (4.4 lb.) moves the head to a neutral position, which helps camera balance and reduces unsteady tilt sequences, even when no resistance is set. To ease horizontal alignment of the head, there are two bubble levels: one on the base of the head to align the tripod and one on top of the video head to align the camera.

Sony Electronics

At IBC, Sony unveiled the VENICE Full Frame digital motion picture camera, the next generation of Sony’s CineAlta camera system. The size of the camera’s 36mm x 24mm Full Frame sensor offers the advantages of compatibility with a wide range of lenses. Additionally, the lens mount can be changed to support E mount lenses. User-selectable areas of the image sensor allow shooting in Super 35mm 4-perf. Future firmware upgrades are planned to allow the camera to handle 36mm wide 6K resolution. A new color management system with an ultra wide color gamut gives users more control and greater flexibility to work with images during grading and post. VENICE has more than 15 stops of latitude, and it offers a built-in eight-stage glass ND filter system. VENICE is scheduled to be available in February 2018.